Motorcycle Hard Saddlebags – A Perfect Accessory for Your Motorcycle

Fast ride on motorcycles have its own fun and you can only get fast rides when you have powerful sports bike. What else is required to be strong is the safety and security of hard saddlebags. Harley Davidson Sportster with leather saddlebags is simply marvelous. They are present in different varieties such as with chrome buttons, buckles, and some having medallions or sparkly jewels would give the sexiest look ever.

The hardest experience was when I rode in rain, hail, sleet and snow. I still remember the chillness that I suffered from could not even standup I was so cold yet me and my friends still remember that time and we talk about that trip because that was the best time that we had. Unluckily I did not have any saddlebags.

Hard saddlebags can make any motor bike look so different. You would have seen some of the coolest saddlebags attached to BMW R100 motorbikes. 30 years ago, I met a man from Denmark who had magenta BMW R100 with jet-black hard-sided saddlebags; no doubt, they were the coolest thing ever I have seen. It was long ago that these bikes were recognized as stylish. Now a days number of bikes are built with care to maintain the beauty as well as standard. It is necessary now that these upcoming styles should have a set of hard motorcycle bags.

What is practical and comfortable depends on your choice but it is generally recognized that leather saddlebags are more attractive and comfortable. I would love to take hard saddlebags with me if ever I got a chance to do so. They are tough, hard and reliable. They are made of waterproof plastic and such plastic saddlebag would stay much better in a rainstorm than leather motorcycle saddlebags.

Motorcycle Hard Panniers – The Best Motorcycle Luggage

April 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Trying to balance your luggage while riding a bike is nothing less than a feat because it requires a lot of physical strength and expert balancing capabilities to do so, which of course cannot be done by all and sundry. For frequent travellers it is even more of a hassle as they have luggage that needs to be carried around and it is just impossible to carry it on a motorbike as it can get very tedious. So for people who can relate to these scenarios, then there woes have been answered as motorcycle hard panniers are here to take care of your belongings while you enjoy your bike ride with full ease.

The reason why they are called hard panniers is because they are made of very solid material that is very durable and sturdy. Mostly it is made of aluminum, fiberglass and plastics like polypropylene. They come in many different designs and sometimes they follow the outlines of the bike itself.

Motorcycle Hard panniers are better as compared to soft panniers based on the following benefits:

  • They are water proof so you do not have to worry about changing weather conditions. However you would need a special cover to keep it completely dry when it is raining hard. Water cannot pass through their hard shells!
  • They are strong and your things would be protected due to the hard casing. Some can even withstand dents. So you can be assured that your things will remain in good shape while you travel. Also they resist corrosion so they tend to be long lasting.
  • They come in very cool and lustrous designs and shapes that are bound to grab anyone’s attention. It adds to the aesthetics and appearance of your bike.
  • They have these locks and lids that make it more convenient for you to take out and put in things at your discretion.
  • They are more firm and steady for storage purposes because they are mounted to the bike using screws. There is also an option of having a pannier which is not permanently attached to the bike so you can take it off whenever you want. Some have features that make it very easy to detach it so you can actually take your pannier to your room to!

They are more roomy and spacious so you can fit in more of your stuff in it. Since it is lightweight it does not add any weight to the bike. However do not overstuff it.